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The Miracle of Lymph eBook

The ancient Ayurvedic wisdom of moving lymph for optimal health is now proven by modern science, thus creating a potent and compelling case to be mindful of our lymph health through our diet and lifestyle choices. If Ayurveda—still one of the largest systems of medicine in the world—has been saying for at least 5,000 years that the study of lymph is the study of longevity, then lymph deserves our attention.

Based on nearly 100 scientific references, this eBook provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the lymphatic system, lymphatic congestion, and how it relates to the major systems of the body.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the Lymphatic System
  • Common Symptoms of Lymphatic Congestion
  • How Lymph Affects Mental Health
  • The Lymph-Skin Connection
  • The Lymph-Cellulite Connection
  • The Lymph-Reproductive System Connection
  • Plus much more!

41-page eBook